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Youth Profile Winter 2011

Kyle Cheng: Essay Contest Winner

kyle cheng youth profile essay contest winner

Kyle Cheng

Kyle Cheng was born in Dallas, Texas and moved to Sheboygan, Wisconsin when he was 2 years old. At age 3 the family relocated again, to Tampa. Kyle is now a 6th grader at Dr. John Long Middle School.

Before that he attended Denham Oaks Elementary School where he had a wonderful team of teachers. Kyle’s efforts are also recognized in school where he has always been a straight-A student.


At the age of 4, Kyle started to explore the world of different kinds of sports. He tried soccer, flag football, T-Ball, Karate and believe it or not he even did tap dancing. Yes he really did. At age 6, he revisited Martial Arts where he learned self-defense, fitness, discipline, focus and self confidence. He progressed steadily moving up in the colored belts ranks.

Kyle Cheng Martial Arts Class

Two years ago (2008) Kyle joined John Prevatt Karate – Lutz. Under Master Zico Cheng’s inspired and motivated training his passion for the martial arts grew tremendously. Kyle achieved his black belt recommended ranking in October 2010. Besides continuing his black belt training he is being trained in the John Prevatt Junior Instructor Program where he is learning how to lead classes and teach lower ranked students.

Kyle Cheng Trophies

Kyle Cheng with Trophies

The November 6, 2010 Tampa Bay Tournament was his first tournament experience; his accomplishments that day were 1st place in Weapons, 2nd place in Forms and 2nd place in Sparring.

Kyle Cheng


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