The WTF Killed the Military Art of Tekwondo

World Taekwondo Federation Has Killed the Military Art of Taekwondo

by Richard Hackworth

Judging by the word-drool that fills the comments sections on Facebook, most of you appear to like WTF’s brand of Taekwondo, who recently changed their name to just “World Taekwondo”. And you seem to like it a lot. I understand. For many of you, WTF is the only “Taekwondo” you’ve ever known. You think there’s only one way of doing things, because you’ve only seen one way of doing things. You believe the WTF Gods that run Kukkiwon are infallible. If they do it, it’s right. (Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a whole world of Taekwondo waiting to be discovered by most “TKD fans” This world includes online magazines, radio and television shows.)

I understand why you think that way. But you’re wrong. Even though WTF is making lots of money – mostly because they’ve figured out and maximized every ancillary revenue stream – it’s not a very popular product. In fact, Taekwondo has never been less popular. Taekwondo is laughed at by almost all other martial artists. The proliferation of the WTF’s big-time feel obscure that fact, but it is a fact.

I know most of you don’t like to pay attention to facts, but here goes: The quality of Taekwondo Black Belts is at an all-time LOW worldwide. During the height of the Taekwondo Vs Karate wars of the 1970s the quality of Taekwondo was at it’s peak and was practiced by more adults than any other martial art. By 1983 it had become the “Kiddie Martial Arts Program” practiced by and taught almost exclusively to children under the age of twelve.

Question: Where did all of the adult students go? Answer: They don’t do martial arts anymore.

Conclusion: Taekwondo is A LOT LESS POPULAR with adults today. (The sad part is that the kind of Taekwondo that these fans would like to watch is still available in the traditional martial arts community but good instructors are very hard to find because many of the best one’s are now at retirement age and the younger generation and their parents have been brainwashed into believing the Kukkiwon hype. A good traditional instructor is going to likely be over 60 years old and normally found teaching part time in local community centers and churches. Don’t be discouraged by the lack of a fancy studio or that the instructor might look a little past his prime. The fact is that these are the kinds of places where the true art is being preserved.

The WTF Kukkiwon crowd has done nothing but serve agendas since they day they bought into the Olympic Games. This was the beginning of the end as Taekwondo has suffered declining popularity.

Before WTF started setting up their belt factory children’s programs sucking thousands of dollars a year out of each parent under the guise of “Your Child Will Be Eligible To Compete At The Olympics” con.

WTF Kukkiwon-style Olympic Foot Tag is not the be-all and end-all. It’s merely an option. And in the opinion of the millions of adults who stopped doing Taekwondo it is the worst option of all.

So, no matter what your inexperienced eye’s affinity may be for WTF’s current product – who am I to tell you what to like? – the end result of WTF’s takeover of the Taekwondo world is the industry being far less popular. It seems bigger because of the presentation and because the monopoly puts WTF in the mainstream on far more references. But Taekwondo as a whole is far less popular.

And it will be the end of Taekwondo. The Olympic Committee is already talking about removing the Sport of Kukki Taekwondo from the Olympics because the world governing body seems as corrupt as the KKK or any International Child Trafficking ring.

But you Taekwondo instructors who teach the Kukkiwon style of kiddie foot tag will embrace it like a long-lost lover. But it’s NOT your fault. It’s all you know.

There is only one way to judge the success of Taekwondo, by the quality of Black Belts. There was a time when Black Belts were kings and brown belts were feared. Why? Because they are almost Black Belts and everyone knew back in the 1970s that you can’t beat a Black Belt. So, you tell me.

If you would like to see the kind of Taekwondo that you loved return to its former glory then be sure to support your local traditional Taekwondo program.