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Many already know Captain Jacques Levinet, international expert and founder of several disciplines of self-defense for the civilians (Self Pro Krav, Cane Defence, Baton Defence and of operational law enforcement methods such as Real Operational System or ROS, operational tonfa , Operational baton, Operational Technical Gestures of Intervention and Protection. His wanderings all over the […]

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After a series of training courses ROS (Real Operational System) and SPK (Self Pro Krav) for the Argentine special swats, Captain Jacques Levinet, founder of the methods, has just dispensed an extensivetraining ROS and SPK of 15 days for French special units. The discretion wanted that we do not name these groups of intervention, the […]

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russian spetsnaz from OMOH

THE NEW OPERATIONAL METHOD FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT The French Captain Jacques Levinet, Grand Master in Martial arts (black belt 8th degree in several disciplines, already France champion of karate, captain of police and international expert in self-defense and police intervention techniques with or without firearms, presents us, for intervention groups, the REAL OPERATIONAL SYSTEM, or […]

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