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Choose Your Weapon

waysun johnny tsai

CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON (Written by Waysun Johnny Tsai): It seems that Martial arts have gone from traditional to MMA ring fighting and back to “reality” based training (which includes a lot of traditional and some MMA). Reality/street defense instructors are popping up everywhere, as are MMA gyms. Many teach both at the same locations. Some […]

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Clint Cora – Motivational Sports Speaker

clint cora motivational sports speaker

Motivational Sports Speaker Clint Cora Martial Arts Kung Fu Karate World Champion Even among motivational sports speakers, Clint Cora is rare because of his chosen sport which is martial arts competition. Influenced early on by the late, great Bruce Lee, [pay]Clint has been studying and training in martial arts for over 36 years. As described […]

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Rebecca Castillo – Featured Profile

Rebecca Castillo – Featured Profile The Lady Is A Champ Rebecca Castillo’s nineteen years of life have been as diverse, exciting, and multifaceted as the city she was born & raised in; Miami, Fl. She was born on August 30, 1991 to Noel & Isabelle Castillo. Noel Castillo is a 2nd generation Cuban-American, who works […]

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