Seven Ways Martial Arts Schools Can Overcome This Economy

Seven Ways Martial Arts Schools Can Overcome This Economy

By Master Fred Parks

fred parks martial arts business

Master Fred Parks

Fortune favors the bold. As a martial arts business owner it’s never a good time to be passive. But now more than ever you need to be surging forward.

  • We’ve been over this before. You have to have written goals for your martial arts business. Obvious, but most instructors just don’t have them.
  • This isn’t the first recession. It won’t be the last. You need a financial plan in both good times and bad.
  • The people that matter most right now[pay] are the students that are actually giving you moolah. Make sure you are treating them like gold.
  • More networking. Now is the time to create long lasting relationships with the most influential leaders in your neck of the woods. Or would you rather your competition be buddy buddy with them?
  • More public speaking. It barely costs a dime. Yes, it will require time and maybe a buck or two in gas money to get you to your speaking gig. It can build businesses almost overnight.
  • Sell more to current students. A good percentage of the people already paying you will be happy to spend more with you. Just find out what it is they want and offer it to them.

Keep surrounding yourself with as many successful people as you can. Those people will be at National Promoters League events this year.

To your success,
Master Fred Parks


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