The insecurity and the physical attacks of the modern life dug the bed of number of systems of self-defense with more or less of success from the point of view of the reality.

Captain Jacques Levinet, Grand Master and Pioneer of Martial Arts, eternal researcher in the field of the close combat, wanted to make his contribution by finalizing an evolutionary method that he called SPK or Self Pro Krav. Runner of the report which the martial arts in their application of self-defense do not stick on the reality of the street where rules and limits have no their place, it was necessary to turn to an option more down-to-earth of the confrontation without falling in the purpose of neutralization of an individual at all costs and by any means. It is thus from this reflection that Captain Levinet worked out the SPK for the benefit of the civilians and the pros, from his military and police experience as well as the operational techniques of the ROS (Real Operational System, another Captain ‘s method). The Self Pro Krav offers an anti system aggression redoubtable for every public men and women with certain peculiarities for polices


Three words bound without being harmless because Self Pro Krav pulls its existential marrow of the domains of preference of the captain to know on one hand Real Operational System, in other words R.O.S,, an operational method of intervention and protection which the French expert dispenses in his law enforcement trainings everywhere in France and abroad, for the police, the army and the private security. The word Self for Self-defense, Pro for Professional and Krav for Fighting spirit in Hebrew; but the SPK is not for all that a shape of kravmaga of which it postpones by numerous specific techniques and a different approach in the field of the self-defense and of the questioning

The 5 key points of SPK:



(The will to survive, the means to survive, the learning of natural gestures,

the respect for the law and the questioning).

The SPK is a full discipline, recognized by the international plan by the highest experts Police and world Masters of martial arts, any confused disciplines.


The modus operandi of the physical attacks of all kinds modifies from day to day in a wild higher bid in the free violence. The end justifies the means for number of hooligans who do not any more hesitate, such of the furious wolves, to break out in wild troops and to assault with weapons of all kinds. Chains, bat, pickaxe handle, razor, credit cards sharpened in razor, push dagger, Molotov cocktail (the list is still long) are so many weapons become usual for the hooligans. In these conditions one self-defense of “show» seems old-fashioned. On the contrary it deceives people by persuading them in the invulnerability of the quickly learnt simplistic techniques. Quite as on the military battlefield or in the police intervention, the strength and the means of the enemy must be parameterized for their eradication, the SPK adapts itself to the evolution of techniques and weapons of the aggressors. The method SPK is non-stop questioned to stick on the reality of the ground and on the determination of the aggressors. The example of the disarmaments SPK on the back of the hand, unadorned and without seizure, during threats knife or razor is eloquent. The SPK thinks and reacts as the aggressors to fight them better in the limits fixed by the law. Other example the defenses SPK on the attacks of bat short and held a hand in reel. No dead end on the manners to assault, because they exist in the reality.


The SPK uses rather regularly, safely, for its courses and its training courses the real cutting or blunt weapons to test the acquisition of gestures reflexes and the stress. The educational work of learning with the foam weapons has its limits because the danger is not real. Certainly indispensable for the auto correction and to release without restraint attacks, they present very fast the inconvenience of the lack of evaluation of the potential danger of the real weapon. Now the realistic training demystifies the weapon, without making it harmless, and amplifies the work of the memory and the fundamental experiences SPK. The lack of reflex and the error of placement are sanctioned by a blue. The use of the real weapons limits techniques to make them more effective. To avoid the fault of pugilism without rule during this realistic training the captain planned a particular pedagogy and strict safety instructions.


The SPK advocates to certain systems of self-defense marked by a pile of heterogeneous techniques. It is not in the variety of the solutions that gives the truth but in overviews of ground with a not accommodating aggressor who does not play the game of an immovable marionette. The SPK teaches the mobility, the sincerity, the hardness, the not passivity as much in the aggression as in the defense. It is the price to be paid to get closer to closer of the hard law of the street. No place in the self-sufficient parade and in the acrobatic techniques during an aggression; the demonstration is not acceptable and the vice is virtue. Captain Levinet calls back indefatigably during his training courses the notion of survival of the SPK as well as the psychological dimension to take into account during an aggression by exercises of management of the stress, in particular by the breath, the attitude and the observation. Captain Levinet’s work experience of policeman and trainer police and army amplified by a high level in martial arts, enriched by around thirty years of teaching are so many main advantages in the success of the SPK.


Besides the setting-up of clubs and representations in numerous regions in France and abroad, the SPK is henceforth practiced within numerous groups of polices belonging to units special as in Argentina, in Australia, in the USA, in Russia and in Europe. Captain Jacques Levinet was recognized, as more high-ranking of the discipline, Grand Master and founder of the Self Pro Krav worldwide, by the biggest world experts any disciplines merged (police and martial arts). The SPK is recognized from now within the new structure ‘International Police Confederation” founded and directed by Grand Master Jacques Levinet.

Photos of the report – Edith Levinet


Website SPK – Academy Jacques LEVINET –


About Master Jacques Levinet

International Expert nominated Grand Master 2007 and Pioneer of Martial Arts at London and New York, black belt 10th Dan. He is the founder and black belt 10th Dan Self Pro Krav, Cane Defense, Stick Defense and Police Training ROS. He is the director of the Academy AJL and the founder of several methods of self defense both for civilians and law enforcement members. He is also the founder of the International Police Confederation IPC. Some of his ranks are black belt 10e dan Self Pro Krav, Cane Defense and Training ROS Police, 6e dan Karate. and

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