Developed fifteen years ago by the international expert Jacques Levinet, whose achievements in martial arts and combat sports are well known worldwide, the SELF PRO KRAV or SPK method is one of the most effective and realistic self-defense systems existing today throughout the world. Two videos and a book support this discipline. Beyond the simplicity of its acquisition and adaptation to all groups (men, women, children, law enforcement), the SPK strength lies in its annual updating in order to adhere to the ever changing aggression patterns of our days. In Captain Levinet’s opinion, you can’t freeze a martial art or self-defense method forever without risking transforming it into something obsolete and useless.

The SELF PRO KRAV sterns from the professional experience as a police captain and knowledge of fighting techniques of Soke Jacques Levinet. Among the many methods of self-defense that he’s created. Master Levinet has adapted his police method, the Real Operational System or ROS, with his sound knowledge of self-defense to make it an operational method called SELF PRO KRAV: SELF for Self Defense, PRO for Professionals and KRAV for Combativeness in Hebrew. However, SPK is not a form of Kravmaga. It differs from it in many specific technical aspects and has a different approach in the field of personal defense and questioning. Captain Levinet retained the term Krav without adhering to Kravmaga, only because of the fighting spirit that prevails in this discipline. The richness of SPK also comes from the numerous seminars, exchanges, training sessions and experiences that the master has acquired and transmitted to units around the world (Israel, Unites States, Australia, Japan, South America, Canada, Cuba, Russia and Europe) and his exchanges with many teachers and experts such as Haim Gidon, Gaby Shai, Aaron Elbaze, Jim Wagner, Darren Levine, Vincent Lyn, Taiji Kase, Keinosuke Enoeda, Hiroo Mochizuki, Shirai, Dominique Valera and many others.

• Survival Instinct
• Conditioning Training
• Operational Technique
• Legal Defense
• Evolution

In other words – The will to survive, the means to survive, the learning of natural gestures, the respect of law and the questioning
The SPK is a discipline in itself, recognized internationally by the foremost Police experts and the greatest martial arts masters in the world.
The evolution of SPK is mandatory to update it against the new ways of aggression. The evolution of SPK is now essential to keep up with violence. It also comes from a feedback or permanent return of experience that victims deliver to be founder of the discipline.
• SPK Defenses against multiple attackers.
• Defenses SPK is confined and enclosed environment.
• Defenses SPK for law enforcement forces.
• SPK Defenses against unconventional attacks (weapons and empty hands).
• Defenses SPK in low light or darkness.
• Defenses SPK with everyday life objects (umbrella, pen, briefcase, purse, keys, credit cards, cell phone, shoes, jacket, vest, magazine, etc.).
• Adaptation of the SPK for women and children, since attacks against these groups are not the same as attacks among men.
Without going into the details of these areas of development, here are some examples of the new SELF PRO KRAV EVOLUTION:
• Percussion training of fists and feet on moving target complemented by an elbow-knee percussion work on a fixed shield. It doesn’t mean that the SPK becomes a combat sport but it requires a minimum of feet-fists percussion knowledge.
• The evolution of SPK is mandatory to update it against the new ways of aggression. The evolution of SPK is now essential to keep up with violence. It also comes from a feedback or permanent return of experiences that victims deliver to the founder of the discipline.
• Acquisition of ambidextrous defenses to cope with any eventuality (facing a left-handed aggressor, in any position, standing on the floor, sitting, kneeling, hostage taking).
• Just a few weapon disarmament tricks because such techniques are too dangerous against knives, push daggers, razors or other blades. Only percussion techniques are privileged in SPK to disarm quickly and safety
• Using real blunt weapons (sticks, bats) to achieve higher grades an put the candidate in a real situation.
• Using handguns and shoulder guns with gas, blank guns and balls (with helmet protection) for the upper grades to understand the disarmament procedure.
• Firearms threats are made with real neutralized weapons, maintaining the finger on the trigger as do the bulls.
• Using an aluminum knife to feel the cold and the danger of the blade in threats touching the body or throat.
• Acquisition of a thorough learning to avoid any reflex action and complicated technique and keep only the defense reflex.
• Learning, from the 2nd Dan level, of ambidextrous defenses to assimilate the SPK against a lefty or a righty, as appropriate. A primary acquisition for instructors who must be able to demonstrate and teach a lefty or righty and take account every type o student.
• Acquisition, from the 2nd Dan, of techniques for defending a third person and bodyguard techniques to train students in protecting their loved ones or a vulnerable person in case of aggression.
• Defenses, from the 5th Dan with everyday common objects, such as umbrellas, sticks, pens, bags, wallets, keys, cell phones, chairs, jackets, glasses, footwear, magazines, etc.). It is important because defending yourself by any means is essential sometimes.

Training and affiliation in SELF PRO KRAV

• Technical Syllabus – With the acquisition of grades from yellow belt to black belt and then SPK Dan (from first to tenth Dan). Despite being sued, the SELF PRO KRAV Dan rank has been recognized. The SPK has become a trademark with the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property).
• Access to higher level requires, in all grades, a technical test (finishing a defense with a locking technique to check the knowledge of the candidate) and a combat test (rapid defenses without finishing with a lock to fight in the street).
• SPK Dans are delivered with the utmost seriousness, by an international Grade Commission, respecting the time between grades. All exams take place in front of an audience and jury to avoid any complacency. No grades by personal recommendation are granted.
• Instructor program – For initial and continuing training, Instructor, Chief Instructor and SPK Expert. The Academy issues these professional training certificates for its registration as a training organization in the Ministry of Labor in France.
• The instructor exam tests consist of written technical tests and teaching tests. The Academy Jacques Levinet takes into account the ability of candidates and refuses to issue certificates of convenience not to tarnish its credibility. Morality is required for SPK instructors, who respect a “gentleman agreement” and a code of ethics.
• Affiliation program – Instructors from different self-defense schools, martial arts styles and combat sports apply constantly to become a member of the AJL International Federation for recognition of their systems and eventually their rank. An approval gateway was launched for SELF PRO KRAV, given the supporting documentation provided.
• An online training – Recently, there is an online training course for instructors and representatives of the Federation of Jacques Levinet, who teach in faraway countries of France. Written programs, video and corrections are made by Internet and Skype under the control of the French expert.

The Chief Point – Self-defense

• SPK principles – Captain Jacques Levinet, through his training and compliance with the law, evidences in his SELF PRO KRAV method, an absolute respect for personal defense. It is not just about knowing the law, but knowing also how to apply it when the defense method is used. It is important to provide students with the legal means so that they can justify their actions in defense. Being able to demonstrate a legitimate defense is not easy in front of justice; for that reason, practitioners have some memento program to help them out.
Some examples, under penalty of jail, even as a victim:
• Twist a knife against an aggressor, even after having disarmed him.
• Respond with the aggressor’s gun, even after having disarmed him.
• Leave your fingerprints on the assailant’s gun trigger during a bad disarmament (with a disarming technique, for example).
• Reply with the aggressor’s bat, even after having disarmed.
• Use an aggression gesture, like a head butt.
• Respond to a benign aggression, with a defense to the genitals, like a grip.
• Increase the fist or foot percussion defenses on an unarmed assailant on the ground, under penalty of cruelty and failing to comply with the law.
• Respond in vital areas against a non-vital aggression.
*** In other words, being a victim doesn’t justify the use of any response. The SELF PRO KRAV warns practitioners and gives them the legal means to justify. The end doesn’t justify the means.
The SPK adaptation to countries:
• The SPK taught in many countries, takes into account their laws and respect them. For that reason the SPK evolves by continents.
• As a result, certain defenses, banned in France or Europe, for example, are perfectly allowed in some countries.

photo-kravmaga-self-pro-krav-levinet - Copie


There may be several ways to effectively defend yourself irrespective of whether you are a civilian or a cop. Only purposes change, hence the reason for the creation of the SELF POR KRAV POLICE module. Here are some aspects of the SPK POLICE learning:
• Use of the equipment weapons for defending oneself in compliance with the law.
• Acquisition of teamwork and protection.
• SPK POLICE handcuffing, alone and in teams, in all places.
• Complementarities of empty hand actions and weapon use.
• Operational Keys of neutralization, alone and in teams.
• Means of operational driving in emergencies.
• Basic acquisition of the Police Training ROS method associated with the SPK.
*** In other words, where the civilian SPK ends, begins the police SPK with own means of coercion and coercion characteristic of the ROS Real Operational System or method of the law enforcement forces.
The SELF PRO KRAV POLICE module has gained full acceptance since many police units and special units in France (as ERIS) and abroad (such as GAD in Argentina and Spetsnaz in Russia) were trained in SPK Police and ROS by Captain Jacques Levinet.


A recognized international federation

• Through the International Federation of Personal Defense and the Police Training AJL, SELF PRO KRAV is present in about fifty representatives in France and abroad (Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, England, Canary Islands , USA, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Canada, Mauritius, the Caribbean Sea, Russia, Siberia, Australia, New Zealand, China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Tunisia, Algeria). The official chart of AJL includes DTN (National Technical Directors), DTR (Regional Technical Directors) and DTD (Departmental Technical Directors).
• The AJL has a registration number of the Ministry of Sport in France and a registration number in the Ministry of Labor and much institutional recognition worldwide.
• Real SELF PRO KRAV can be seen through the identical uniforms worn by the practitioners in France and the rest of the world. The only difference is the color in the logo of the country and on the belt to emphasize the country’s identity.
• Finally, the curriculum vitae of the founder, Captain Jacques Levinet, calls for a high level of credibility of his AJL federation.
We end this article humbly saying that SELF PRO KRAV doesn’t intend to be the best method of self-defense, but a method of interest.

International Federation of Personal Defense and Police Training. Jacques Levinet Academy AJL.

Tel .: +33 (0) 467 075 044

Web Site:

Master Jacques Levinet
President AJL, State diploma, 10th Dan Black Belt Self Pro Krav, 10th Dan ROS Police,

Cane Defense 10th Dan, Stick Defense 10th Dan, Karate FEKAMT 6th Dan, French Boxing Monitor


About Master Jacques Levinet

International Expert nominated Grand Master 2007 and Pioneer of Martial Arts at London and New York, black belt 10th Dan. He is the founder and black belt 10th Dan Self Pro Krav, Cane Defense, Stick Defense and Police Training ROS. He is the director of the Academy AJL and the founder of several methods of self defense both for civilians and law enforcement members. He is also the founder of the International Police Confederation IPC. Some of his ranks are black belt 10e dan Self Pro Krav, Cane Defense and Training ROS Police, 6e dan Karate. and

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