Rebecca Castillo – Featured Profile

Rebecca Castillo – Featured Profile

The Lady Is A Champ

Rebecca Castillo’s nineteen years of life have been as diverse, exciting, and multifaceted as the city she was born & raised in; Miami, Fl. She was born on August 30, 1991 to Noel & Isabelle Castillo. Noel Castillo is a 2nd generation Cuban-American, who works as a police officer for the City of Miami Beach and co-owner of Tiger & Dragon Martial Arts of Kendall.

Her mother Isabelle (French-Cuban ancestry) works as a paralegal and co-owns the martial arts school with her husband.

At age 8 Rebecca began training in the martial arts under her father (Noel). He in turn had been taught the arts of Chinese Kenpo, Karate and Shootfighting® by living martial arts legend Bart Vale. In addition, throughout the course of Noel’s military & law enforcement career, he was exposed to a wide array of defensive tactics, of which he passed on to his daughter.

Rebecca’s French/Cuban artistic influences also began to shape her life as well. She developed a love for the visual arts at an early age; ultimately graduating Cum Laude from the prestigious New World School of the Arts in Miami. Her travels throughout Europe as a child (to visit family) also helped fuel her artistic passion. Today she continues to use her artistic ability to design posters, logos, and clothing for her family’s business.

Just like the samurai of old, Rebecca combined her artistic ability with a desire for adventure and challenge. the lady rebecca castillo is a champShe continued to train in the martial arts; achieving instructor rank from Master Vale in both Kenpo Karate & Shootfighting®. She currently teaches at her father’s school and at the Dominican-American Outreach Center (Program for Inner-City Youth). She competed in various Shootfighting® matches throughout the state and in Continuous Fighting as well (US Open, Pan American).

However despite her love of teaching and competitive fighting, the tactical side[pay] of the martial arts beckoned; it was in her genes. Her father (military/law enforcement), cousin David (Police Officer/New Jersey) and cousin Chris (French Paratrooper) all have made a career of it and she wanted in.

Rebecca began training specifically in military/police defensive tactics; showcasing these talents in variousrebecca castillo security guard self defense demonstrations and competitions throughout the state. She received her bodyguard training, State of Florida Security Officer training/license, and tactical training at her father’s school.

Rebecca quickly put these skills to use while working protective details for Audi executives, Victoria Secrets models, and Super Bowl participants. Though confidentiality agreements preclude us from detailing her most recent bodyguard assignment; don’t be surprised to see Rebecca standing behind one of your favorite female celebrities anytime soon.

rebecca castillo in sparring at martial arts school

Rebecca is an instructor at her parent’s school:

Tiger & Dragon Martial Arts of Kendall
15560 S.W. 72 Street
Miami, Fl. 33193
(305) 752-0042

The school has been in operations since 2004. It is a multifaceted school catering to a host of community needs In the mornings, the school operates as a State of Florida licensed Security Officer School (DS#2600006). Students receive training in:

  • Unarmed Security Officer
  • Armed Security Officer
  • Concealed Weapons Permits
  • Bodyguard/Executive Protection

More info. can be found at
Miami Security

In the afternoon, the school operates an award winning Afterschool program. This program is generously funded by The Children’s Trust of Dade County. This program includes:

  • Martial Arts (Chinese Kenpo, Karate & Shootfighting®)
  • Literacy Program
  • Homework Assistance
  • Special Needs Accommodations
  • Japanese Language Program

In the evenings, the school operates a Teen/Adult program that focuses on conditioning, defensive tactics, and Shootfighting®. From these classes, students are recruited for careers in security, martial arts instruction and/or MMA. More info. can be found at:
Tiger Dragon

Rebecca Castillo


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