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The French Captain Jacques Levinet, Grand Master in Martial arts (black belt 8th degree in several disciplines, already France champion of karate, captain of police and international expert in self-defense and police intervention techniques with or without firearms, presents us, for intervention groups, the REAL OPERATIONAL SYSTEM, or ROS, a fearsome and evolutionary field system for law enforcement. This system is taught in his professional training Academy AJL (Academy Jacques Levinet) all over France and abroad.

*The ROS – A complete and evolutionary method

The ROS, in order to acquire international dimension and statute, considers various aspects,

–       The juridical and political aspects that determine, for the intervention units of different countries, the choice of defense weapons provision for the law enforcement agents and the conditions of their use (legitimate defense, maintenance or service in keeping public order, state of emergency, of siege, of war, etc.)

–       The climatic aspect, which, according to whether a country is cold or warm, determines the clothing of law enforcement agents (like the riot protection, for example, for the maintenance of order for the simple jump-suit or work-suit for intervention).

–       The customs that imply the habitual use of non-habitual weapons like the machete or pick-ax, katanas, cutters, etc. that require particular defense techniques established by the ROS.

Let’s take the example of the USA, where the use of firearms is more habitual for law enforcement than in Europe. There, the tonfa is utilized in a different way given that the police prefer dissuasion with the hand weapon, contrary to the majority of European countries which optimize the preventative possibilities of the tonfa. From there comes the appearance in ROS of the tonfa and operational baton with its technical range of intervention.

*ROS modules

The ROS, created by Captain Levinet, with the OT (Operational Tonfa), the OB (Operational Baton) and the OGTIP (Operational Gestures and Techniques of Intervention and Protection) have weeded out all embellishments in order to allow security forces to better manage their interventions in closed  or open environments, be they tranquil or hostile, by night or day, with our without weapons. The modules are developed throughout one year by way of regular seminars of two days duration with a professional qualification exam and they conclude with the obtaining of the title of ROS Instructor. Some titles are attainable only by law enforcement personnel such as national and municipal police, gendarmes, soldiers, prison guards, bodyguards, and certain security professionals. The duration of the training is explained by the complete program that has to be acquired and by the highly qualified level necessary in order to represent the Jacques Levinet Academy.

*The OT (Operational Tonfa) does not contain impossible or unrealistic techniques like the grabbing of the armed hand of the aggressor (with knife, cutter, or bat) or the determination of an attack angle (an aggressor is not a training partner). Blocking and responding must be simultaneous, the reason why there is an original grip in professional tonfa called the “rocker” for blocking, disarming and responding at the same time. It is a technique that facilitates the learning and simplifies the defense reflexes. The field of action is the origin of ROS, which is why the training sessions are often practiced on asphalt and without foam rubber material. A committed aggressor always gives preference to vice other playacting.

*The OB (Operational Baton) develops new, discrete grips, passive or active, with the baton deployed or not, and a use of the short baton in Yawara, thanks to a conical shape at the base. These operational techniques offer some means to apply pressure, precise strikes, or locks for work in a more confined space such as close-quarter protection. The “rocker” grip is also advisable in the OB as well as the training sessions with hard weapons instead of those made of foam rubber in order to get closer to the reality of the hits and of their manipulation.

*The OGTIP (Operational Gestures and Techniques of Intervention and Protection) come from Self Pro Krav, or SPK, (an operational method, by empty hands, developed by the captain and taught in many places in France and abroad) and from the PGTI Police (Professional Gestures and Techniques of Intervention Police) specific to law enforcement. The novelty of the OGTIP is the versatility of the operational use of all the weapons utilized by the international police and the capacity of adaptation to all the penal legislation of the member countries. This is the reason why this new fearsome procedure, adaptable in function of the mission and regulation, is generating more and more interest in European and worldwide law enforcement and security forces. The training, more specific considers the psychological aspect. Knowing how to talk, negotiate, calm, manage the environment, evaluate the conflict, knowing how to utilize a pen, umbrella, baton, a yawara, a newspaper, a jacket, etc., or any other object that can serve as a defense weapon, are all dealt with. We put special attention on the use of disguised weapons and on the pre-conflict attitudes. The objective of the OGTIP is to know how to be a team professional and knowing how to act within it. For example, n operational intervention in hostile terrain with tonfa, baton, or empty hands must be enacted from beginning to end jointly with the firearm. Another example, very discrete short bats are utilized by thugs with one hand and with revolving angles of attack, which has led ROS to find some checks to counter them. The attacks with nunchaku are equally considered in the ROS, the interventions to recover an individual very quickly in hostile terrain, or the use of tying material or multiple cuffing with or without tonfa or baton loops.

*A genuine training plan and recognize titles

The Jacques Levinet Academy offers a genuine field training plan for police thanks to programs recognized through conventions and professional training contracts with the institutional members of the state. The Captain offers the authorities in charge of domestic security of countries an adapted study and a true training plan that gives positive returns in the long run and that is organized in three stages : an initial training in situ for the OGTIP, the OT and the OB for all the agents so that they can be equipped and able to utilize the tonfa or telescopic baton; continuous training of instructors ROS in order to establish ongoing training in the units; annual level recycling for all the field police as well as ROS teachers. The ROS instructor titles are unique and complete because they bring together the skills of Operational Tonfa, Operational Baton, and the OGTIP. From here forward, through the Real Operational System, a true training policy, from top to bottom, can be put into practice with the handing out of titles recognized within the police units as well as within the Special Forces regardless of the country of origin.


Captain Jacques Levinet, founder of ROS, belongs to a number of international police organizations such as the International Police Confederation (IPC) as President, and ICPSE (International Confederation of Police and Security Experts). The Captain, an eternal seeker, exchanges and enriches his ample experience through his seminars all over the world, such as in United States, Canada, Belgium, Hungry, Japan, Israel, Argentina, Russia, Denmark, Spane, Italy, Senegal, Portugal, England, Austria and so on. He has directed special ROS seminars for special unit such as ERIS in France, Spetsnaz in Russia, GAD in Argentina. He exchanged too with the task forces such as OSTTU in Australia, TTU Police of New York, GAD in Argentina, Police Academy in Quebec and Spetsnaz in Russia and Siberia,


The ROS extends sharp professionalism and a selection of trainers to law enforcement in the field of intervention with unanimous and international recognition. Put in another way, they teach only what they dominate in order to be as honest as possible and not to sell just any kind of training with a title that is worthless in the labor market. Training law enforcement currently supposes being, first of all, like captain Levinet, a recognize and proven field professional, coming from combat experience, and having knowledge of action, of the ways of acting against general delinquency and in particular, reacting to thugs. The Real Operational System, with a novel way of intervention, offers to public law enforcement representatives more possibilities of action and of reaction.

The ROS was awaited and it will, undoubtedly awaken the enthusiasm of law enforcement thanks to the last Captain Jacques Levinet ‘videos (ROS, Police Weapons and Operational Tonfa). Among his seminars, this grand Master is normally awaited this summer in North America (Canada) and in South America (Porto Rico and Mexico).


Captain Jacques Levinet Academy

Tel. 00.33.467.075.044



Captain Jacques Levinet \’s ROS demonstration


About Master Jacques Levinet

International Expert nominated Grand Master 2007 and Pioneer of Martial Arts at London and New York, black belt 10th Dan. He is the founder and black belt 10th Dan Self Pro Krav, Cane Defense, Stick Defense and Police Training ROS. He is the director of the Academy AJL and the founder of several methods of self defense both for civilians and law enforcement members. He is also the founder of the International Police Confederation IPC. Some of his ranks are black belt 10e dan Self Pro Krav, Cane Defense and Training ROS Police, 6e dan Karate. and

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