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Martial Arts Industry Trends For The Future

As a martial arts school owner, you may be wondering which martial arts trends are going to be hot, and which ones will not? As a professional school owner it is important to know what direction your industry is heading.

Paying attention to these trends can mean improved profits while ignoring them could bankrupt your Dojang.

The information I present below will help you as a martial arts school owner position yourself to profit by not just telling about these trends, but by listing resources that you will need to be successful. Therefore, pay close attention to the major trends, and commentary which I have provided.

Top 5 New Martial Arts Industry Trends and Resources

1. Educated and experienced professionals

This industry trend is #1 for the fourth straight year. As more, and more professionals enter the field it is becoming much more competitive. What separates the qualified from the unqualified instructor is education, and certifications. Consumers are also becoming more aware of an instructors education, and credentials prior to joining the Dojang.

If you are a martial arts pro, then my advice is to continually educate yourself, and get one of the martial arts instructor certifications available. To improve your martial arts education at master level and beyond I personally recommend the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association

2. Self Defense programs for older adults

Last year this trend was #5. Now it has moved to #2. The baby boomers are aging, and want to live a healthy, more fit, and better quality of life. They are interested in investing in exercise, fitness and self defense to help them live a longer, better quality of life. If you are an instructor, or manage a martial arts business, then I would target the older adults. They make great clients because they are motivated, and have the money to invest in your services. This market is steaming hot! Position yourself now! You can have a great Hapkido self defense program at your school. Visit HaeMuKwan HapKiDo to find out how.

3. Martial Arts Retreats

Many schools call them camps but a martial arts retreat is a great way to build relationships with your students and staff. As people’s lives get busier we need to remind them that they are more than a client or student, they are a member of your family. My students look forward to our weekend retreats as mini vacations and yours will too. To be successful you need to build better relationships. This is a great way to do it in 2011. Our Editor, Grand Master Richard Hackworth has hosted some history making retreats in the past. If you LIKE his facebook page you can see how he promotes and schedules his own school events at American Dragon Facebook Fan Page – LIKE

4. Children and obesity

Instructors who focus on including nutritional information in their newsletters and training will see an increase in enrollment by referrals from parents. With the global rise in childhood obesity parents are looking for a way for their children to get fit and stay healthy. Your school can be that way. There is a big opportunity to empower kids to live a healthier, safer, more fit life. The movement starts with us, the martial arts professional. I recommend Health4Kids and their free e-newsletter to you and the parents at your school

5. Exercise and weight loss

Another niche to target – weight loss. As you already know martial arts training is a fun and exciting way to get in some exercise. You also kow that exercise plays a big roll in losing fat and living longer. Mention the health benefits of martial arts training in your marketing materials and you will see an increase in adult enrollments. If you need articles to use as helpful handouts for your students I suggest that you subscribe to the free e-newsletter at Nutrition2Success.

6. Summer Camps

Yes, summer camps are still hot. They are a great way for martial arts schools to make a very healthy income while providing childen a healthy alternative to watching TV at a day care or baby sitter’s house. Smart parents are looking for more entertaining ways to keep their kids busy over the summer. If you are preparing your 2011 fitness marketing plan, then you might want to include running a summer camp. The American Dragon Martial Arts Academies run one of the most successful summer camp programs in the country. Check out their website at American Dragon Martial Arts Academy for ideas to improve your summer camp.

7. Martial Arts Business Education

With commercial rents on the rise and the economy on a decline school owners are going to need cutting edge, low cost, effective marketing materials. The best way to learn how to do that is by joining the World Martial Arts Marketing Program. Their newsletter and marketing program is like getting a Ph.D in advertising. You won’t believe how affordable their programs are. I recommend that you join today to have a successful tomorrow.

8. Online Marketing

Everyone knows that traditional forms of marketing like coupon books, local news papers, TV and Radio have become expensive and just don’t produce the results that they used to.

The top schools in the world all have these three online marketing resources in place:

Make it your most profitable year ever. Leverage yourself by utilizing these 8 trends above. Planning ahead will deliver you profits in 2011. Now go take action, and thrive!

Yours in Martial Arts
Grand Master Sung-Il Oh Publisher:
World Martial Arts Magazine

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