After a series of training courses ROS (Real Operational System) and SPK (Self Pro Krav) for the Argentine special swats, Captain Jacques Levinet, founder of the methods, has just dispensed an extensivetraining ROS and SPK of 15 days for French special units. The discretion wanted that we do not name these groups of intervention, the efficiency of which is not to be any more proved in certain circles.

We questioned, on the occasion of this exceptional training course within a specialized group, Captain Levinet:


How was this training ROS born?

Jacques Levinet: I was contacted for the formation of this unit by their staff which follows closely all the novelties and the Police’s experts, to make discover the methodof the ROS, with its modules of the operational tonfa and the operational stick, to the new instructors of techniques of intervention of these groups. Itwas a question of enclosing their long training course by a discovery of anoperational method different from those that they had already followed. It was,for our Academy AJL, a sign of recognition and confidence, because of the fame of these units specialized in extreme cases of violence.

What was the program of this training ROS?

Jacques Levinet: It was articulated in two specific but complementary parts of the method ROS, thatis to say one week of practice of the operational baton or the telescopic stick, and one week of practice of the operational tonfa, the whole put insituation of ground by the GTOIP (Operational Gestures and Techniques of Intervention and Protection) of the ROS. We worked on closer of the preoccupations of these units who are confronted with acts of extreme violenceand in often confined and restricted areas. The ROS system was completely applied, with the complementarity of handguns. It allowed us to work collectively the tonfa ROS or the baton ROS with the unsheathed of the pistol in case ofnecessity, according to the specific missions of these units. The session endedby an evaluation of the trainees, by following a course of stress, to be ableto acquire instructor ROS’s professional qualification.

What were the supplied means forthis training course ROS?

Jacques Levinet: Theunits to be trained had optimal installations on the operational plan, with aprovision of remarkable material means, of which a display of weapons seizedduring the missions of these specialized groups. We were able to put in situation,techniques ROS in an appropriate building of simulation, thanks to an operationalarrangement, in sync with the reality of the dangerous situations with whichare confronted these agents. Diverse scenarios (from the taking of hostages tothe intervention in group of 2, 3 or 4 agents in opened or closed environment) were able to be set up, with use of shields, helmets, vests adorn knocks and bullet shields, protection shells, tonfa, telescopic stick, pinafore dresses ofintervention, cowls, handcuffs and the other armaments in subsidy  at the trainees. I was very well welcomed by the staff and the agents of the unity who showed a big motivation.

What teaching do you pull of this training ROS?

Jacques Levinet : These agents, whatever are their missions, are not released in thenature without a solid experience and a constant questioning. I thus worked inexcellent conditions with specialists, among whom the technical luggage and thelived of the intervention of ground, urged me to look always the best of myself. The agents did not know the ROS but they were delighted and subscribed to our operational techniques in most meadows of the reality. They were so able torealize the utility of the operational stick of 26 inches, in essentially defensive and not strictly repressive usage, offering a reassuring distance inthe intervention. They approved by a large majority the holding of theoperational tonfa, in “balancier” holding ROS, allowing to intervene easily at three agents, one of each size of the carrier agent of the shield, in a restricted environment (such as an apartment), without caring about the right-handed or left-handed agent. The disarmaments of handgun were particularly appreciated, with threats with pistols loaded with no mortal bullet but very noisy, for the realism of the stress. The SELF PRO KRAV ( SPK)was the base of our work of defense with bare hands against knife, stick, bat,weapons such as pistol or riffle, as well as against more delicate threats,such of taking of hostages or evacuation secured by a dangerous individual with protection ROS.

Was the method ROS enriched by this experience?

Jacques Levinet: Naturally, because we always learn from any real experience and from the others. Reason for which the ROS is constantly evolving, according to the formations which I dispense in France or in foreign countries, as recently with the Argentina special units of the GAD (Grupo Argentina de Apoyo). I had to adapt my know-howto the delicate interventions, which are the prize of these units, by bringing to them one more experience for the future. These modules allowed me to know better the delicate missions of these groups, because the determination of certain delinquents is without limit and they do not miss ingenuity in traps and manufacturing of artificial weapons. The trainings ROS, which use only hard weapons of aggression (stick, bat, steers etc.), and never foam, were able to take place at 100 %, because the agents were dressed with their special protection such as shell, pinafore dress of intervention with all their weapons in endowment. Finally, the variety of the geographical places of affectation ofthese groups, from all over France and French colonies, was the opportunity toshare an enriching feedback.

Did you draw up projects following this training ROS?

Jacques Levinet: About twenty agents have been awarded by a diploma of instructor ROS Level 1, but forus, nothing is ever acquired, because our diplomas are valid only for one year.The danger is very too big outside of the training to do without an annual recycling to stay in operational phase. Several members, delighted with theexperiment, have already intended to pursue their training, both SPK and ROS,during our monthly federal training courses AJL. The diploma ROS is from now an objective for numerous polices in France and abroad. We train alsomore and more of local and national polices and armies in the modules ROS with the operational tonfa and the GTOIP (Operational Gestures and Techniques of Intervention and Protection). Several instructors of swat groups are in programme of instructor’s training. Our criterion, for the ROS, is to trainonly for professionals of the safety and that by hardened pros. The instructor ROS cannot thus be a civilian who can, on the other hand, follow a programme o finstructor SPK.

My project for the ROS, besides the perspective of its development in France following the example of these groups, is to continue to promote it abroad, such as soon in South America, in Canada, in Dominican Republic and in the United States.

Information ROS –AJL (Academy Jacques Levinet)

Tel. 00.33.467.075.044

Cell. 00.33.698.070.851


Video – Swat force Argentina


About Master Jacques Levinet

International Expert nominated Grand Master 2007 and Pioneer of Martial Arts at London and New York, black belt 10th Dan. He is the founder and black belt 10th Dan Self Pro Krav, Cane Defense, Stick Defense and Police Training ROS. He is the director of the Academy AJL and the founder of several methods of self defense both for civilians and law enforcement members. He is also the founder of the International Police Confederation IPC. Some of his ranks are black belt 10e dan Self Pro Krav, Cane Defense and Training ROS Police, 6e dan Karate. and

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