The origins of the tonfa called also ” tongwa, tuifa, tunkua, tuiha ” are known to take their source on the ancient Chinese islands of Okinawa where it was used, at first time, in a agrarian way as crank to turn grinders the grain, then secondly, of a way warrior to allow the farmers, deprived of weapons by the Japanese occupant, to fight against the samurais of period. Even if it continues nowadays in the martial arts, with two wooden tonfas, in the practice of Kobudo, it was only adopted, in 1970, with a material in metal then composite, in the USA and since, by numerous polices all over the world.

Its professional use was identified by multiple naming going of the tonfa police to the tonfa security, by way of the professional tonfa and the other similar namings. There are so many different names as forms of tonfa.


From 20th century, hardly of his triple experience of Captain of Police Jacques Levinet, Grand Master of martial arts and international expert of polices, specialist of self-defense and tactics of police, having led his own reflection on the subject, developed a revolutionary method of the 21th century to pull all the true substance of this not lethal weapon. So thus was born Operational Tonfa or OT which is, not a new name, but an unpublished and successful process for an intermediate and complementary usage with the handgun and the handcuffs. The OT arouses henceforth an interest growing all over the world.
They rest on the other Captain Jacques Levinet’s inventions.

  • SPK – This self-defense, which enjoys a success ringing in numerous countries, gave to the OT its originality by its concrete applications in real situation. The defenses of the SPK are so many supports which allowed the OT to assert its success. The absence of flourishes and the pedagogy became the keys of the success of these two methods which give, both to the civilians and to the professionals, the means to face in the attacks of the street.
  • ROS – There is an interactive link of existence between the Real Operational System, method completes for polices, and OT which is one modulate of the ROS, in the same way as the OT (Operational Baton), the OTGIP (Operational Technical Gestures of Intervention and Protection). The ROS evolves according to its applications of ground and the “feedback” realized regularly by the staff AJL (Academy Jacques Levinet). As it is the difficulties of the street that dominate in the OT, the technique passes in the background and the narcissistic demonstration is not current. The reality is both imperative and operational.
  • MALADJUSTMENT OF THE TRAININGS – The trainings in the tonfa are often unsuitable, either due to the lack of time, or due to the lack of competence, or by absence of training plan, without forgetting also the political lack of will to give the means to succeed in. The endowment of a tonfa is not enough to return the operational policeman without after-sales service. In other words an initial training upstream and continuous downstream with recycling and “feedback” regular. Reason for which captain Levinet wanted everything puts back to dish. The OT formation is longer than in the majority of the cases with drastic cuts on the techniques which do not work in the reality. A training plan was both structured on the plan technical and legal. Absence of stereotypical attacks, predefined attacks and defenses reassured with foam tonfa, of unfeasible armed seizures of hand on the ground. No passivity neither any playful training but only place for the real circumstances of the street. The results were spectacular, the modification and the evolution of techniques turned out vital and the tonfa became really operational in the full sense of the term.


Video – Operational Tonfa

About Master Jacques Levinet

International Expert nominated Grand Master 2007 and Pioneer of Martial Arts at London and New York, black belt 10th Dan. He is the founder and black belt 10th Dan Self Pro Krav, Cane Defense, Stick Defense and Police Training ROS. He is the director of the Academy AJL and the founder of several methods of self defense both for civilians and law enforcement members. He is also the founder of the International Police Confederation IPC. Some of his ranks are black belt 10e dan Self Pro Krav, Cane Defense and Training ROS Police, 6e dan Karate. http://www.academielevinet.com and http://www.international-police-confederation.com

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