Nage-Jitsu, the dynamics of throwing

Nage-Jitsu, the dynamics of throwing
The dictionary defines dynamics as an action relating to force, The student learns to use the principles of physics (inertia,victors,centrifugal force) to put it all together.    
Arts such as Ju-Jitsu & Judo learn the art of (nage) throwing, of all the techniques they are the hardest to master.  All the dynamics must be mastered, students should practice throwing until it becomes natural.  
The body has three axis (shoulders,spine,hips) to throw an opponent one of the axis has to be taken.  The student will learn that the  nose has to be past the opponents (hara) stomach, the shoulders must be turned over or the hips bent before balance is lost.
The student that has good posture and an stabilized body is hard to throw. But when the opponent has an unbalanced posture he can be thrown.
Students are taught (zeme,hiki) to push and pull,this action sets up the throw.  Here are the dynamics of what makes a throw possible.
1. Leverage     
2. Axis
3. Motion
4. Direction
5. Gravity
6. Distance
7. Control
Example: Tai Otoshi (body drop)
The student grabs the opponents left collar with his right hand and grips the right sleeve, at the elbow with the left hand.
Place the right foot between the opponents legs,but in front of the opponent’s feet turn on the right foot.
Place your left foot behind your right foot. Swing your body around to the left.  Pull the opponent forward with your left hand.  Bend your right arm and place your right forearm under his left armpit.  Put your right foot on the floor and turn your toes inward to the outside of the opponent’s right foot to block his right leg. Push your right hand upward.
Twist your body and head to the left,lean forward and spring with your left leg.  Pull the opponents right arm down with your left hand and throw the opponent in front of you.
Now with the body drop explained,the student to be successful must have the right grip and pull, with the correct steps, twisting the body and turning the head.  Practice this until it becomes easy and then move on to your arts next throw.    
The key to any throwing action is to have all the peaces of the puzzle in order.  Also hard work with practice and more practice and the right teacher. This article is not to teach students a new throw, But to help explain why and what makes (nage) work.   
Submitted by Soke Rick Greene
Headmaster/Headfamily, Bushi Ryu Ju-Jitsu