Learning Taekwondo Improves Social Skills in Children

Learning Taekwondo Improves Social Skills in Children


Learning social skills is a challenge that all children have to face. Many parents are active in finding ways to help their children get these much needed skills because they understand just how important they are. Social skills are a very big part of the road to success in life. Children must learn how to do team work, how to communicate effectively, how to relate to others, and how to network. Taekwondo is a great way for children to get the social skills that they need. In Taekwondo classes children get to work with others and meet new people while they receive the other great tools that the practice of martial arts gives. Parents who enroll their children in martial arts classes are doing a very good thing for them.

The list of social skills is very long. It includes such things as being patient, cooperation, helping others, participation, sharing, following directions, taking turns, using good manner, being respectful, and much more. Yet, all of the items on the list of social skills are addressed in various ways through martial arts training. Taekwondo focuses a great deal of attention on teaching students the art of patience, respect and discipline. The class must come together in order to master the techniques. Students get to work in groups, in pairs and as a class. Children who are trained in martial arts behave much better than those who are not. Plus, learning martial arts does a lot to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Both parents whose child is a bully and parents whose child is overly reserved and shy will experience great benefits from enrolling their child in a martial arts. Some parents worry that a child who is a bully learns martial arts techniques they will just use their training to hurt others, but this is not the case. Learning the moves of the martial arts is only part of the training. Taekwondo requires a lot of self-disciple and mental focus. Bullies learn not to bully, but to have an appreciation for others.

Children who are introverts get to learn self-confidence. With martial arts training they can cancel out their fears and find that sense of accomplishment that will help them to see that they are highly valuable. They will no longer feel unimportant or unable. With the self-defense methods that they learn, they will no longer be afraid. This training helps them let their personality shine forth. Soon after a few classes, they will have increased the level of their social skills.

Even children who have great social skills can benefit in many ways by learning martial arts. Any parent who wants to see their child succeed in life will not pass by the great opportunity to enroll their child in a martial arts class and, thereby, give them the tools they need to succeed. Taekwondo classes are something that children enjoy and will be very thankful for. The social skills that children receive in martial arts classes stay with them for the rest of their life.

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Richard Hackworth is a multi-arts Grand Master and the host of the World Martial Arts TV & Radio Shows. He is also the Editor of World Martial Arts Magazine and the author of more than forty books on the topics of health, wealth and success. He can reached via his website at World Martial Arts Media

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