Everything either almost has been said or written on the Karate Do or about the way of the karate. To write on this martial art is an always precarious exercise for his author, Senseï Jacques Levinet, and sometimes repulsive for informed readers. Either the contents are a plagiarism or a repetition, more or less well ordered, or it overturns into an esotericism the subjectivity of which escapes the readers.

Any Senseï (or professor of high rank) has to have in sights the constant search for the perfection of the movement and for the mental plenitude. Some follow in this purpose guides authorized and recognized by the state-controlled structures such as the various federations. Is it the best solutions? I shall avoid, concerning a judgment, this quite personal way.

I always have, for my part, refused to be enfeoffed in a lauded doctrine or in subtly recommended instructions for use. I always regretted the navel-gazing of these institutional structures which follow, in the facts, their lessons of morality and their code of ethics. These organs have only a political aim, and one needs, which does not correspond necessarily to the waits and to the searches for all the followers.

Leaving of this report, without overturning into the childish and sterile criticism, I exiled myself in foreign countries to seek of the experience and the knowledge of experts in martial arts who worked by themselves, which had the merit of a larger independence of mind and deepening of the martial art generally, and the karate in particular.

This approach led me in several continents and in numerous countries as eternal Japan but also the USA, Russia, Australia, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Java, Bali, India, Cuba, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Denmark, Scotland, Wales, Tunisia, Senegal, the Island of St Barthelemy, Martinique and Guadeloupe, Argentina, Siberia and finally England.

I went alongside of course, in every corner of the world, great masters and experts, each excellent and unique in the genre but I admit that my personality and my perfectionism, maybe proud, urged me to mature a personal reflection on this martial art to find my own way which I am going to try to make you share. My own pull technology, and my underlying personal evolution, certainly wanted to ask about the knowledge of all the met experts but without obstacle of no barrier and about no prejudice.

Senseï Jacques Levinet

This could be briefly the definition of the Karate AJL, namely to leave the care to each one to pursue the way in the direction wished while benefiting from the experience and from the listening, without rivalry nor jealousy, from his fellow men. This researcher’s orientation revitalizes and sublimates the motivation. Never anything acquired or dictated by a subjective line of thought but a freedom absolved to draw from the martial arts experience of forty years of practice and teaching. The wager seduced me and opened me the doors of the final way of my fulfillment of budoka.

The Karate AJL does not compare more or less, as it is often regrettably the case for the other methods of karate, because it is a way of thinking and evolution appropriate for each one. It is the unique privilege of every researcher who, following the example of old Asian Masters, dispenses, carefree of perpetuity and identity, its research to his followers more than to his pupils.

This article is conceived, modestly, as an opening by the small end of my opera glasses without any aim of proselytism. The Karate AJL is not for all that an elitist martial art because its practice is applied from the beginner student. A quite normal approach, because it has to be applied from the premises of the learning by way of open-mindedness.

The Karate AJL is the contribution of a guide and not of a guru. Reason for which the naming of the Karate AJL (Academy Jacques Levinet) means no hegemonic will but only the personal vision of an expert in his indefatigable quest.


Sensei Jacques Levinet \’s karate demonstration

About Master Jacques Levinet

International Expert nominated Grand Master 2007 and Pioneer of Martial Arts at London and New York, black belt 10th Dan. He is the founder and black belt 10th Dan Self Pro Krav, Cane Defense, Stick Defense and Police Training ROS. He is the director of the Academy AJL and the founder of several methods of self defense both for civilians and law enforcement members. He is also the founder of the International Police Confederation IPC. Some of his ranks are black belt 10e dan Self Pro Krav, Cane Defense and Training ROS Police, 6e dan Karate. http://www.academielevinet.com and http://www.international-police-confederation.com

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