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Why is Registration Recommended?

Unlike "Websites" The WP Blog format allows interaction between us (World Martial Arts Magazine) and you, (The Reader Of The Articles). There are those, who have nothing better to do with their lives except post vulgar, inappropriate, and totally irrelevant comments. We have very extreme filters on this blog, that will block any content of that type. When you post a comment, after registering, the filters will not send your comments to "SPAM".

Benefits of being a registered subscriber. All posts, and articles that are available, will be available for you to read and comment on. It also gives you assurance, that inappropriate comments will we taken care of by US, to make your visits to our Magazine enjoyable, informational and appropriate for all age levels.
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Why Blog instead of Website?

That is an easy question to answer. Google LOVES Blogs. We want our magazine to be Number One on the Search Engines. We actually have accomplished that, just in website format. But, it was a LOT of work keeping up with changes that the Search Engines kept making. There are so many automated functions within the Blog Format, getting indexed is virtually hands-free. We not only want to be Ranked Number ONE, but dominate Martial Arts Online Media.

We realized that a lot of readers/subscribers, would like to comment on the articles by our authors. Before, submitting comments, letters to the editor, was a LONG, pains-taking process, that a lot of people just felt was not worth the time. Now, you can not only post your comments to our authors, but you can post them to your FaceBook profile as well.
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Why $15 to Get PDF’s of Magazine….
…when I can buy a Martial Arts Magazine "off-the-shelf" for $6?

Again, that is an easy question to answer. If you will flip through any store-bought Martial Arts Magazine, you will find that the pages contain mostly advertising, along with the articles. World Martial Arts Magazine contains not only mostly content, but high-quality articles written by the most knowledgeable, educated, and talented authors anywhere in the Martial Arts Media industry.

The current PDF Issue of World Martial Arts Magazine consists of over 90 pages, 90% of which are pure Informational content, not advertising. We do have advertising, but have opted to present the ads in an article format (for most part), instead of a myriad of classified ads, banners, etc. all jumbled together. The magazine online is not in a printable format. The PDF makes it easy for you to print out relevant articles to share with your students, fellow martial artists, friends and family.
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Why Doesn’t my Comment Show Up Right Away?

The first comment is moderated to ensure that the comment is not made by a spammer. After you have posted one comment, any comments after that will appear right away.
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How do I get a Profile Image to post on my Comments?

To get your own "Avatar" image go the Gravatar.com. Use the SAME email address you used to register at World Martial Arts Magazine. Follow the easy directions. Now, anytime you post a comment on any blog or forum (as long as you keep using the SAME email address) your photo (avatar) will appear next to your post/comment!
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How Do I change my Profile Information?

To change your profile information, you must be registered and logged in. Go to ANY post or page and scroll down to the comment box. It will say "Logged In As Your Name. Click on your name and you will be able to edit your profile information from the page that comes up.
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I didn’t get my Activation Email

Several Reasons. You may have made a typo in your email address. You may be using Yahoo – which is notorious for trashing newsletter, blog and forum verification emails, Comcast – which trashes everything, except emails from "Aunt Tilly", Verizon – (same deal different name), and a couple other cheap email providers. Try again with a different email provider.
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How can I change my Password?

You can change your password by using the same method as changing your profile information, as stated above.
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How Can I Submit Articles?

If you are a world-class martial artist, martial arts business owner, or have expertise in Motivation, Business Building, NUTRITION, or other topics related to these subjects, and you wish to submit articles to World Martial Arts Magazine, please send us your article in TEXT (.txt) Format and photos as attachments through our Help Desk
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What Are The Advantages of Becoming an Author?

You receive instant noteriety as an established author in our magazine. You will have access to the Current Issue PDF to download. You will also receive an "International Press Pass"
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I can’t remember my Password

On the login page there is a link you can click to get a new password, to replace the original password. Click on the link and you will be required to add your email address. You will receive a link in your email to create a new password. Once you have done that you can log in with your username and new password. You should save your password in a notepad text file on your desktop, for future reference.
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I don’t like my username. Can I change it?

You cannot change your username once you have created your account. So, our advice is to choose your username very carefully. That being said, ONE time only, if: say, you made a typo when you registered, and your username is REALLY B.A.D., I can change it in the database, but this may cause your comments and posts to disappear.
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My Question isn’t listed here. How can I contact you?

Any questions you have about World Martial Arts Magazine that we have not addressed on this page, can be sent to our Help Desk
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  1. pisces619
    Posted August 8, 2015 at 12:51 pm | Permalink

    How do I get the July issue?

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