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A wake up call for martial arts related business  owners from Time Magazine.

In the September issue of Time Magazine on page 8 there was an article with this headline:

The Internet’s power to bust paradigms isn’t finished. People who ignore it are”.

Here are some excerpts from the article.

It’s not as though the world was clamoring for Johannes Gutenberg and his printing press in 1440. But the revolutionary technology arrived nonetheless, upending the Middle Ages and rocking both church and state with its unprecedented flow of knowledge.

The cultural and economic upheaval the world is now experiencing signal another such Gutenberg moment.

For martial arts business owners this means:

  • Traditional consumers aren’t coming back
  • Print advertising isn’t coming back
  • Print Media, brands and the established narratives aren’t coming back

Why did I notice this article?

Because it explains our success here at World Martial Arts Media and why SMART business owners are switching from traditional print ads to marketing with us. Thanks to our valuable readers, our popularity is growing every day. Click to see the video.Find out just how amazingly affordable advertising with us can be.

Grand Master Richard Hackworth

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About Richard Hackworth

Richard Hackworth is a multi-arts Grand Master and the host of the World Martial Arts TV & Radio Shows. He is also the Editor of World Martial Arts Magazine and the author of more than forty books on the topics of health, wealth and success. He can reached via his website at World Martial Arts Media

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