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Korean Martial Arts Seminar & Belt Test Graduation

NOTE:This event is being filmed for future broadcast

  • When: Saturday April 9, 2011 at 9a.m. to Sunday April 10, 2011 at 5p.m.
  • Where: Body Martial Arts
    • 1440 Adams St. Unit A
      Chattanooga TN
  • Instructor: Grand Master Richard Hackworth
  • Description: This is an exciting seminar taught by world renowned Grandmaster Richard Hackworth.
    • Richard Hackworth is the founder of Haemukwan Hapkido and is Grand Master in 4 Korean Martial Arts. He is the author of over 40 books on subjects about health, nutrition, weight loss, business, movitation, and the Martial Arts.
    • Richard Hackworth is the Editor of World Martial Arts Magazine, hosts a TV show at World Martial Arts TV, and hosts a Radio Show at World Martial Arts Radio.
    • Saturday’s seminar will delve into the reasons for practicing forms in Taekwondo. Practical self-defense applications will also be covered. It is a must for any Taekwondo practitioner since this seminar is rarely taught outside of Korea.
  • Who Can Attend: This seminar is open to all ages
  • Cost: If pre-registered by March 1 only $79 or $125 the day of the seminar.
  • Schedule: Sunday’s Belt Testing Graduation will take place for color belts who qualify and black belts by invitation only.
  • Contact: For more information contact Master Chris Edwards Body Martial Arts

Aikido Hapkido Hendersonville 18th Anniversary Seminar

  • When: Saturday May 21, 2011 at 9a.m. to 5p.m.
  • Where: Aikido Hapkido Hendersonville
    • 5228 Brevard Rd.
      Horse Shoe NC
  • Instructors: World Class Instructors:
    • Sensei Dan Palmer 5th Dan, Shidoin, Chief Instructor of Asheville Aikikai
    • Dr. Richard Hackworth Host of World Martial Arts TV & Radio Shows
    • Master Darren Norris 2nd Dan Aikido & 5th Dan Hapkido, US Hapkido representative for the K.M.A.I.A.
  • Description: Seminar topics will include:
    • Advanced empty hand concepts
    • Korean Ki healing techniques
    • Weapons: bokken (sword), jo (short staff) and much more
  • Who Can Attend: This seminar is open to all ages
  • Cost: If pre-registered by May 10, 2011 only $70 or $99 after May 10, 2011.
  • Information: Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see and practice the techniques and principles of both Aikido and HapKiDo, as taught by world-class instructors, in a truly welcoming and friendly atmosphere.
  • Contact: Please call or e-mail for info on directions and class schedules 828-388-0635. Website Master Darren Norris of Aikido Hapkido Hendersonville.

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