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Motivational Sports Speaker Clint Cora

Martial Arts Kung Fu Karate World Champion

clint cora motivational sports speaker

Clint Cora

Even among motivational sports speakers, Clint Cora is rare because of his chosen sport which is martial arts competition. Influenced early on by the late, great Bruce Lee, [pay]Clint has been studying and training in martial arts for over 36 years.

As described in his book, “The Life Champion In You”, martial arts changed his life and was a major factor in his success. As a multi-stylist, he has trained in Kung-fu, TaeKwonDo, Karate, Kick-Boxing and Martial Arts Weaponry.

Unlike many other black belt level martial artists, Clint decided early on that he did not want to run a martial arts school, although he did develop and teach a self defense course to hundreds of individuals over the years.

clint cora blocks

He even taught self defense at such organizations as Proctor & Gamble, American Express, Metropolitan Life, The Fitness Institute, The Granite Club, George Brown College and Ryerson University.

Clint even conducted cardio kickboxing classes for a short period of time. However, his main focus in martial arts has been competition.

Clint Cora doing sword demonstration

Clint has been an active competitor in tournament circuits since 1985, winning countless awards and numerous titles including Canadian National Championships and at least one World Championship title in each of the top four open competition circuits (NASKA, WOMAA, NBL and WSKF). Clint was also a proud member of the Canadian National Karate Team.

poster for Clint Cora's motivational speaking tours

As a motivational sports speaker, Clint Cora utilizes martial arts and weaponry during his motivational speeches. This makes for a very entertaining time for his audiences. But, his use of martial arts is not only for show. Each martial arts element in his talks is used to help illustrate important points for success.

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This guide contains a variety of useful tips to help you grow as a person. It covers health, fitness, diet, stress management, travel, dealing with people, learning for success and more.

Clint Cora with tophies

It has been proven that in order to be successful, we all need motivation on a regular basis. Now you can be reminded once per month of important success principles through Clint Cora’s “Motivational Inspirational Quotes Success Newsletter” which you also get for FREE!

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You will also have access to a monthly audio podcast called “Dose of Motivation” which helps motivate you even further!

Clint Cora

Clint Cora demonstrating flying kick


About Clint Cora

Since becoming a professional speaker, Clint Cora now motivates audiences everywhere with his captivating keynote speeches, seminars, books and CDs. Clint Cora is not just a motivational or diversity speaker who happens to be a world champion athlete, but also one who is a proven, successful business executive who can accommodate the needs of your particular audience, whether it's a professional or school group. Visit Clint to learn more about Clint Cora.

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