Captain Jacques Levinet’s last innovation

We do not present any more the French Grand Master Jacques Levinet, who gives all over the world his various methods of the Self Defense such as the Self Pro Krav (for the civilians) and the Real Operational System (for law enforcement training). The ingenuity showed by this international expert allowed him to finalize, at the same time, the methodology and the material of the Cane Defense Jacques Levinet (CDJL), method which is from now certified and protected by law.

At once playful and adapted to the defense anti aggression of the street, the cane defense is accessible for all public, sportsmen or not, independently of the age and the physical condition. The common walking stick was so transformed into CDJL, a redoubtable means to defend oneself, in front of every type of physical aggression, thanks to a configuration and to a particular methodology, issued from Captain Levinet‘s techniques of the operational tonfa, in the strictest respect for the law.

Question: What are the origins of the method of the Cane Defense CDJL?

Captain Jacques Levinet: Learn to defend oneself constitute nowadays one of essential preoccupations of many citizens of the whole world. It is thus from these elements of reflection and experimented of my triple experience of captain of police, international expert in martial arts and trainer of polices, that I had the idea to develop a redoubtable method of self-defense for all, the cane defense CDJL, the whole in the respect for the democratic laws. So much in the instructions for use, the finality of techniques and the configuration of the equipment of training, this method has nothing to do with those of the combat sports (such as the fighting cane in French Boxing) or those of the martial arts (Hapkido, Kali etc.).



Question: What is the originality of the Cane Defense CDJL?

CJL: It is essentially the configuration of materials and their use thanks to a method of realistic self-defense. The CDJL is tested in real situation and takes into account the reality of the attacks where the superfluous is always abandoned for the benefit of the main part, without any flourish. The CDJL is approachable to everybody, about is the age and the physical condition, without any martial arts or combat sports experience.

For the practice of the CDJL, I had to rethink the commonplace cane of walking in reason of its fragility and its configuration. Concretely the classic cane changed into CDJL, without being a weapon, with a butt widened for the prehension of the members, a beak sharpened at the end of butt for points of pressure in “Kyushu”, a length facilitating at once the walking and the defense, a body of cane resisting to absorb any attack of heavy weapon (such as a bat) and enough flexible hose to t o strengthen the retort. Finally a state-of-the-art tip rubberized to secure the retorts and avoid any skid in the street. The configuration was not enough to transform the CDJL into a redoubtable mean of defense. Still it was necessary to find a method of practical, simple and effective use.


Question: What is exactly the method of the Cane Defense CDJL?

CJL: The method is articulated, from a specific program, on 5 key points which are the instinct of survival, the conditioned reflex, the operational technique, the legal defense and the questioning. The safety was privileged with adapted protections, mobile shields, American gloves specially studied to avoid any heating of hands during the manipulations. Guard positions and dresses were studied to offer the maximum of protection during the parades while slowing down the power of the retorts. Dresses of training CDJL, with logo, were created, for the identity and the cohesion of the group.

Evaluations of rank and level of teaching were established with the obtaining of black belt and superior ranks as well as diploma of instructor, chief instructor and of expert within the Academy Jacques Levinet.

An adapted pedagogy and a precise code of ethics finalize the whole to make of the CDJL a revolutionary method anti aggression of the 21th century.


Question: You also worked out the cane defense in a therapeutic purpose?

CJL: Accessible to the general public, independently of the age, of the physical condition and of the sex, the therapeutic CDJL, is a method of a big interest as much for the seniors as for the patients. Independently of its efficiency anti aggression, it brings of the positive on the following eight points: Work of the balance, Fight against stiffening of the joints, Fights against the shivers, Fights against the ageing of the brain, Improvement of the memory, Improvement of the socialization, Sport for all, Motivation and pleasure. An instructor training program of cane therapeutic defense was finalized to answer at the request of old and sick persons.




Question: What is the future of the cane defense CDJL?

CJL: From now on taught in numerous clubs in France and abroad, the followers progress by passage of ranks (up to the black belt and superior ranks) and by teaching qualification. The CDJL is recognized in France by the State by means of the French Federation FFSBF. As for the cane therapeutic defense, I teach it at the moment in an experimental private hospital in France in the treatment of the Alzheimer’s disease, the first one greeted by the Ministry of Health. I move at the moment everywhere in France and abroad to dispense demonstration and training courses of cane defense and train instructors recognized by our federation AJL.

More information

Video Cane Defence Jacques Levinet

                                                                                  Tel. 00.33.467.075.044

About Master Jacques Levinet

International Expert nominated Grand Master 2007 and Pioneer of Martial Arts at London and New York, black belt 10th Dan. He is the founder and black belt 10th Dan Self Pro Krav, Cane Defense, Stick Defense and Police Training ROS. He is the director of the Academy AJL and the founder of several methods of self defense both for civilians and law enforcement members. He is also the founder of the International Police Confederation IPC. Some of his ranks are black belt 10e dan Self Pro Krav, Cane Defense and Training ROS Police, 6e dan Karate. and

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