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Clint Cora

Since becoming a professional speaker, Clint Cora now motivates audiences everywhere with his captivating keynote speeches, seminars, books and CDs. Clint Cora is not just a motivational or diversity speaker who happens to be a world champion athlete, but also one who is a proven, successful business executive who can accommodate the needs of your particular audience, whether it’s a professional or school group. Visit Clint to learn more about Clint Cora.

Clint Cora – Motivational Sports Speaker

clint cora motivational sports speaker

Motivational Sports Speaker Clint Cora Martial Arts Kung Fu Karate World Champion Even among motivational sports speakers, Clint Cora is rare because of his chosen sport which is martial arts competition. Influenced early on by the late, great Bruce Lee, [pay]Clint has been studying and training in martial arts for over 36 years. As described […]

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