Athlete Of The Month – March, 2018

Here at World Martial Arts Magazine (WMAM) we focus on quality martial arts and artists. You cannot buy your way in to our publication and we pride ourselves in producing relevant articles about relevant martial artists.  To kick off our Athlete of the Month Column we are honored to highlight Mr. Saisheren Senpon of Irving, TX.

Saisheren Senpon is a current Jr. Team USA Karate athlete, and was ranked #2 in the World by the World Karate Federation (WKF). Saisheren is also a Pan-American Continental Champion in Kumite.  The first Texas athlete to win Gold at the Pan-American Championships ever!  Mr. Senpon has numerous titles to his credit and is without a doubt a 2020 Olympics hopeful.

Saisheren Senpon Wining Gold from the 2017 Pan-American Championships held in Buenos Aires, Argentina


We recently sat down with Saisheren and asked him a few questions. At the end of this article take a look at some of Saisheren’s many accomplishments.

WMAM: What is your style and rank?

Saisheren: My style is Shito-Ryu.  I am a 3rd Dan Blackbelt.

WMAM: Tell me about how you got started in karate.

Saisheren: Both of my parents were/are involved with karate, so I pretty much was pushed into it at the age of 3.

WMAM: How have the martial arts impacted your life?

Saisheren: Karate has always helped me keep focused and set me on the right path in life I believe.

WMAM: Tell me about a day’s training regimen you typically do.

Saisheren: I typically do 4 hours of training per day during the week. I get up and go to the gym for weight training for about an hour before school, then after school I work out at the dojo for about 3 hours more. I train often with other World teams such as Canada and Japan when I get the opportunities and obviously on the weekends I have more time to train a little more intensely.

WMAM: What is your proudest achievement in competition?

Saisheren: Winning a Gold Medal at the 2017 Pan-American Karate Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

WMAM: What is your current focus on?

Saisheren: Winning a World Championship title.

WMAM: Do you have any advice for someone trying to achieve what you have?

Saisheren: Never give up! Whenever you doubt how far you can go, look back and see how far you have come.


Athlete Quick Facts

Saisheren Senpon was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Started learning karate at the age of 3 from his mother Ponmalar Senthil (5 times India National Champion) and Father Senthil Thiyagarajan (12 times India National Champion).

Moved to USA at the age of 4 currently living in Irving, TX with his mother, father and Sister

Won his first USA National Champion Title at the age of 4 in Charlotte, North Carolina, 2005

Senior student at Ranchview High School, Irving


Saisheren’s 2017 Achievements:

Gold Medal, junior -68kg Kumite, 2017 Junior Pan American Karate Federation Championships, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ranked #2 in the World by the World Karate Federation

USA National Karate Championships, Greenville, SC – 1 Gold, 1 Silver

USA Open & JIC International Karate Championships, Las Vegas, NV – 1 Gold, 1 Silver & 1 Bronze

Rocky Mountain Championships, Louisville, Colorado– 1 Gold

Texas State Karate Championships and National Qualifier, Pasadena, TX – 2 Gold

Kume International Karate Championships, Pasadena, TX – 2 Gold


Saisheren’s Highlights:

Black Belt 3rd Degree

First Texas Junior athlete to win gold medal at Junior Pan American Karate Federation Championships

Team Captain and Jr. Team Coach at Champion Karate Academy, Irving

2 time USA Karate Junior Team Athlete

2015 Jr. WKF Youth Cup, Bronze Medalist

5-time USA National Champion

4-time US Open & Junior International Cup Champion

2013 Common Wealth, Bronze Medalist

12-time Texas State Champion

Gold Medalist in 3rd Ryushinkan  International Championship, 2006, India

2015 Pan American Shito-Ryu Champion, Miami, FL

2014 USA Elite Cup Champion, Pittsburgh

2015, 2016 & 2017 Rocky Mountain Champion, Colorado

2015 Fonseca Cup Champion, Chicago, IL


As mentioned earlier, Saisheren is ranked by the World by the World Karate Federation (WKF).

The World Karate Federation is made up of 191 Countries and 5 Continental Federations. The WKF is the largest sport karate governing organization in the world.   The WKF is the only karate organization that is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and is the reason Karate made it into not only the 2020 Olympics to be hosted in Tokyo, but also the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires 2018. For more information regarding the WKF, you may visit their homepage at