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We strive to provide only quality Martial Arts culture articles, so if there is a specific topic related to the Martial Arts, Military Arts, or any aspect of Martial Arts Training that you would like us to cover, please contact our help desk at World Martial Arts Magazine at any time. We provide the most news, education, entertainment and event information of any magazine in the industry. We invite you to share our link with your friends.

Top 10 Reasons World Martial Arts Magazine Is The Best Choice For Subscribers

  1. World Martial Arts Magazine is FREE to subscribers. We get paid by our advertisers. It wouldn’t seem fair to charge you to read it too.
  2. World Martial Arts Magazine is a digital magazine. Your workout partner or roommate can’t walk off with it.
  3. Real news from around the world. World Martial Arts Magazine has reporters in 9 countries to bring you real world Martial Arts news stories. Most magazines only print the propaganda of their advertisers.
  4. FREE Prize give-aways each issue. Every issue of World Martial Arts Magazine has a contest or give-away event where you can win or receive thousands of dollars worth of prizes.
  5. World Martial Arts Magazine can be fit to your monitor font size. No squint lines on your forehead from trying to read their small print.
  6. World Martial Arts Magazine has NO HYPE Headlines like: “Kendo Vs. Aikido, Which Is Deadlier?”
  7. NO POLITICS: World Martial Arts Magazine prints news information from all legitimate organizations.
  8. World Martial Arts Magazine is Committed to the TOTAL MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, PHILOSOPHY of the Martial Arts with articles from leading experts on Martial Arts, fitness, and health.
  9. Reading World Martial Arts Magazine makes you smarter and better looking than reading other Martial Arts Magazines.
  10. World Martial Arts Magazine is the only publication with columnists in Korea, Japan and China. We dominate the world of Martial Arts!

Top 3 Reasons World Martial Arts Magazine Is The Best Choice For Martial Arts Industry related business Advertisers.

  1. More subscribers than any news stand magazine because we are FREE.
  2. Lowest Ad rates in the industry with professional staff writers and award winning design team.
  3. Advertisers bonuses with printed material distribution at live events and tournaments.

Thank You for being a loyal subscriber to World Martial Arts Magazine.


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  1. Posted December 28, 2010 at 6:39 am | Permalink

    Thanks for putting me on your winter front cover. Good luck on your martial arts magazine.

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