World Martial Arts Magazine is composed of a dedicated and excellent staff of journalists whose goals simply cannot be described in one sentence.

Our informative and entertaining service is aimed at improving the martial arts scene globally by highlighting the best and most successful martial arts role models that the world has to offer through both excellence in photography and journalism.

Our hope is to focus on martial artists who exemplify not only success in their sport, but also their success in making the world a better place through the tenets of martial arts philosophy. They do this through the teaching of self-discipline in training, self-control within society, honor, integrity, and loyalty to the precept of becoming a better person through involvement in the martial arts.

Our feature articles will contain current events from 190 countries worldwide, with dynamic photography highlighting world class martial arts athletes as well as other forms of pugilistic arts such as boxing and wrestling.

We wish this global community service to serve a higher purpose as well.  We will highlight youth, male and female alike, who are within our extensive mentor-ship programs, by providing them opportunity to interact on the world stage as they achieve their martial goals and make their martial arts dreams come true!